• Justice:Over half of Minnesota's prison population is minority, and Minnesota now has the largest disparity between black and white imprisonment rates of any state in the nation: a ratio of 19:1.  Your membership or donation will support a legislator's fight to guarantee justice for African Americans.

HOW Your Membership/ Contribution MakeS a Difference!

  • The Future/ Education:According to a Wilder Foundation report, third grade reading scores in Minneapolis show a gap of over 50 points between Whites (who are only 33% of the third grade population) and the group(s) with the lowest scores. The report also showed that between 2006 and 2010, overall third grade reading scores in Minneapolis dropped from 65% to 54% (Wilder Foundation, 2011). Your donation/ membership will support keeping this issue front and center in 2016 and until it is solved.


  • The Children:African American Children are 5.3 times as likely to be pulled from their homes by child services than their white counterparts. This is devastating children and the black family. Your membership will help a legislator fight for our families and children!

Becoming a Member

Membership in the African American DFL Caucus is either $25 or 10 hours of volunteer service with the Caucus. 

Membership allows members to:

  • Participate in membership meetings
  • Vote at membership meetings
  • Introduce Motions at membership meetings
  • Participate and Vote in AADFL Caucus Candidate  Endorsement meetings
  • Receive AADFL Newsletter
  • Impact the DFL and MN Policy

Your donation, time or both goes towards strengthening the African American Voice and our Political Influence locally and Nationally!

Most Importantly it's  a great way to strengthen your community!

Join Now- Because Voting Isn't Enough!

Because Voting Just Isn't Enough


While Minnesota is one of the wealthiest States in the Union, with one of the highest Qualities of Life, that wealth and opportunity has overlooked much of Minnesota's Black Community.

We need your assistance in electing candidates that address black interests, in supporting those elected officials and in holding the DFL party accountable to the very issues that are most Important to African Americans! 

We need you as a member to participate, to contribute and to give your ideas! 


  • Jobs: The Twin Cities Metro area has the biggest disparity in African American unemployment and income rates of any Metro area in the country.  Your membership will help to change that!