Because Voting Just Isn't Enough


  • Local Outreach to African American Neighborhoods to learn the issues that affect us most.
  • Screening potential candidates for elected positions - Those endorsements will provide candidates with either financial resources, volunteer resources or both.
  • Meeting with elected officials that support African American issues to find ways the Caucus and its volunteers can better support them
  • Working with African American youth to introduce them to the political process, canvassing, outreach and the DFL
    • Those youth will be able to use that experience to assist in future campaigns and as a reference/ resume builder.
  • Building a State apparatus that engages African Americans statewide to get out the vote and engage in the DFL process

who we are

2016 Executive Board


We are a Volunteer Organization that exists to advance African American interests in Minnesota.

Our Vision: 

To live in a MN where:
1:  African American interests are seen as critical to the well - being of the state.
2:  African Americans have full access to all opportunities.

We do that primarily through:

  • Electing African American and other candidates that support African American Interests

  • Creating Institutional power for African Americans

  • Informing the African American community about the the political process and issues that affect us.

  • Encouraging greater African American participation in the political process at all levels.

With 85 - 99% of African Americans voting Democrat in local and/ or federal elections there is a duty within our community to hold that party accountable; to make sure they are addressing the issues that concern African Americans most.  Be it Police Brutality ,or disparities(add link for disparities) in unemployment, education and/or child welfare those issues need to be front and center within our party!

AADFL Monthly Membership Meeting (Meeting with Bernie and Hillary reps)

What We Are Doing